In the event of a Plumbing/Gas Emergency,
  before or after you call, know:

Where are your Gas and Water Line shut off valves?

1. Locate these and know how to shut them off (this can prevent a lot of damage      until the problem is fixed. For a more detailed how to, find at the Southern California Gas Company's site.

Toilet Clog or Overflow:

1. Flush only once, let a bit enter the bowl at a time.

3. Wear gloves and protect the flooring around the toilet..

4. Pour in a buck (slowly) of VERY hot water.

5. Use a well fitting plunger or a coat hanger.

6. Use Drain-Cleaning chemicals or enzymes

Drain Clogs:

1. Clean around the drain strainer or stopper (food, hair and other debris can collect here)
2. Use a Plunger - block any drain holes, if water is not present, add some till slightly above drain hole, then make as tight a seal as possible and start plungin.

3. Look under the drain area for the trap. Open if possible or remove (make sure have a bucket to catch drainage. Use a coat hanger or other similar item to brush out any block debris.

4. Other options include a snake (mechanical or hand) or chemical cleaners.


Call us if problem persists. Often there is more involved in recurring drainage problems.